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About WBO Music

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing of parts and accessries for musical instruments, WBO is one of the largest manufacturer of these products based in Kolkata, India.

WBO manufactures a very wide range of parts and accessories for violins, violas, cellos, double basses, guitars and other musical instruments. Some of the high selling products that WBO manufactures includes fingerboards, chinrests, pegs, tailpieces, mutes, endpins etc. Read more

Product Categories

Violin / Viola Parts
Double Bass Parts
Cello Parts
Guitar Parts
Others Parts
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At WBO buy with confidence

WBO is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of musical instruments parts and accessories. We ensure that you have the best buying experience at WBO. 

Ordering: The best way to place your order is by email. Send us an enquiry with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Delivery: Based on your order size and ordered items, we will be able to provide you an estimated date of delivery.


Shipping options: UPS / TNT / DHL or by Post for larger orders by Air freight or Sea (Ocean freight) options are also available.

Returns: Our experience helps us provide hassle free quality products. However, for any manufacturing defect, we accept returns and will replace your item.

Payments: By Bank wire transfer. Details will be shared on request.

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